Secrets of Shastiamsa – III

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D 60 & BCP cum BSP


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Copy editor: Andree Leclerc

The following mail was sent on one of the forums.

Dear Visti, all SJC Gurus and learned members, namaste. Please, kindly clarify the question bellow.

As Maharishi Parashara says, D-60 is everything. I wanted to know more about this subject.

This question arose while studying my own Shastyamsa: if I pick Lahiri Ayanamsa, Ketu would be in twelfth house Mithuna sign with Guru, Sani and Surya. On the other hand, if I chose Jagannatha ayanamsa, Ketu would be in Karka (Which is the lagna) and fifth from AL.

Knowing how the curse (of twelfth house) would work on this life and how to make it at least a little bit less painful if possible is very important, right? With Lahiri ayanamsa, the nodes would take part on the curse in the twelfth house. With Jagannatha, it is different, as the nodes would change position to other signs and Rahu and Mars would be affecting Moon.

Please, clarify: which ayanamsa to chose, and based on which judgment should we do so? The results from picking one or another would differ much in many vargas and ultimately could mislead the astrologer in applying the right remedy for each situation. Should we choose the ayanamsa based on intuition, or the tradition is the final word on which one should be chosen?

Best wishes,


Ps: My tob and pob – 07:00:10 – Time Zone: 03:00/ Lon 47W54 Lat 15S47

The following is a discussion on chat with an astrologer from Brazil. It is presented in chat form and shows our approach and also its vulnerability. Readers can use various ayanamsas and check his D 60, play with his Ketu with the ayanamsas and see the significations of Ketu which means obstacles, fights, hosting ones flag, who shows non attachment or not direct relation (use it with his sisters) who is with A6 (fights) and see the clues on how we found out if his D60 is correct.

SA: Hi

Ra Si: hi there

SA: this is with reference to your mail on Sri Jagannatha forum, I seem to have done some work on D60 since 2004 and wanted your chart details if its ok with you, the message posted did not contain DOB

Ra Si: oh sure, it’ll be of great help, thanks

SA: most welcome

Ra Si: i was born in 09/02/82

SA: is it 9th Feb 1982?

Ra Si: yes

SA: Time, location and country

Ra Si: 07:00:10, Brasilia/ Brazil at 2:07:00:10 am

SA: what is the 10 seconds ? in the time of birth

Ra Si: this tob i found by rectification

SA: no, no rectification please

SA: what is there in your birth certificate

Ra Si: ok, 7:00:00

SA: oh ok thanks

Ra Si: ten seconds changed the D-24 chart

SA: Sir you would be male female (for dasas)

Ra Si: male

SA: there are many latitudes & longitudes – which one should I take please guide

Ra Si: 47w54  / 15s47

SA: time zone too

Ra Si: time zone 3

SA: ok please hang on I will check in other softwares too

Ra Si: ok

SA: Jhora gives 1 time zone ?

Ra Si: its wrong, its 3 time zone

SA: in which name should I save the chart (full name please if possible)

Ra Si: u should save the chart as Ra Si

SA: next to Brasilia, I get Acre, another option Maranhao and many others. Which state would it be?

Ra Si: its Brasilia DF

SA: distrito federal

Ra Si: yes

SA: got it

SA: 8 Aq 42 Asc?

Ra Si: yes – you see, ten seconds later would fit better on D-24 chart and also fits on kunda principles

SA: kunda principles do not work; I am sure you are told that by experienced astrologers, meaning if you are using kunda for birth time rectification

SA: re D24 let’s see

Ra Si: ok

SA: your Navamsa lagna is Sagi ?

Ra Si: yes

SA: D-60 lagna is Cancer ?

Ra Si: yes

SA: do you have younger brothers sisters?

Ra Si: yes, both

SA: do you get along with them ?

Ra Si: but sisters are just related by father – I’m not close to sisters and have some kind of enmity towards my brother. Sisters live in another city

SA: so Ketu is in the 3H of siblings in D-60 is confirmed

Ra Si: well, I love my brother

Ra Si: Ketu in D-60?

SA: you said earlier you got enmity towards your brother ?

Ra Si: we have lots of arguments but I don’t hate him or anything like that – I just get too angry at him

SA: that’s ok. Anyone of them having any Mercury related problems? Like skin diseases or too Mercurial in nature – or some accident happened to them

Ra Si: ok, they don’t have skin disease as far as I know.  From Jhora I see Ketu as being in Gemini twelfth house? Oh ok, you see rashi dhristi from there

SA: no, I am using True nodes in D-60 (at times mean nodes work) but mainly true nodes work far better – with true nodes Ketu should be in the 3H in D-60

Ra Si: ok

SA: Rahu should be in the 9H of higher vidya (knowledge) and that should give you either learning of some knowledge that is foreign to you (Rahu) or a foreign Guru kinds

Ra Si: in this life?

SA: yes, this life. Did you do any technical education? I see some problem regarding father on a broad sense

Ra Si: I study social history at master’s degree level – Yes, u see right

SA: ooh history… Is it related to war and fights and struggles (I do not know meaning of social history)

Ra Si: hmm, it’s a pretty broad field of history – you can say I started studying it to understand about my own identity

SA: at the age of 25 anything happened concerning 12 H matters? (in D-60) [1]

Ra Si: well, I felt like a huge weight was taken of my shoulders – my first relationship ended

SA: in your 25th year?

Ra Si: yes, and I started searching for spirituality

SA: please wait

Ra Si: ok

SA: 25th year would be Feb 2006 to Feb 2007, so did that spirituality search start during this period ?

Ra Si: yes, it increased in this period

SA: when did it start?

Ra Si: I think I broke up with the first spouse in 2005 not 2006 – then it was a year being single

SA: ok. When did the spirituality search start

Ra Si: I think in 2005 up till now – it was not so much like now

SA: in 2005 after Feb 2005?

Ra Si: yes, certainly but I wanted to know more about philosophy and things like that; the nature of men, etc

SA: when did God start?

Ra Si: 2008

SA: it’s the key to your D60

Ra Si: end of 2008 I started searching for Him – since I started learning Jyotish

SA: bang on your Ketu is in the 3H confirmed

SA: end of 2008 means your 27th year which means 3H of your chart and in 3H there is Ketu (spirituality real one) and also Jyotish since Mer Ketu are there. In 25th year I see some Peeda (internal strife), Sun (soul) is activated and suffering (Saturn) and internal search, 9L in 12H

Ra Si: nice, it fits a lot

SA: 28th or 29th year I see some women related activity or education activity strongly. Let me see your age now – you are in your 29th year now

Ra Si: 28th sir – 28th to 29

SA: but in 28th year since there is A8 I see a lot of occult (Jyotish) activity

Ra Si: I got it

SA: 28th year what u got?

Ra Si: I understand what u say of me being in 29th year

SA: ohh ok – it’s the Nadi way, that’s how it is calculated

Ra Si: ok

SA: 25th year something to do with wife or children? 25th year lord is in the 5H and retrograde hence it could be a year of mental turmoil. I can be wrong[2]

Ra Si: hmm… I met my actual wife when I was 24 years

SA: 24th year running?

Ra Si: yes

SA: that means Feb 2005 to Feb 2006 ?

Ra Si: I met her in 2006

SA: month?

Ra Si: May 2006

SA: that is not 24th year but 25th year

Ra Si: ok

SA: reproducing what I wrote above, that’s how it is calculated. 25th year something to do with wife or children?

Ra Si: oh yes, indeed.

SA: since 25th year is 1H and its lord Moon is in the 11H of wife and children and it is aspected by Venus from the 5H

SA: is she round faced or calm composition, am trying to assess how much the Moon is spoilt by Venus retrogression or not – or is she motherly?

Ra Si: she’s very hot minded in disposition

SA: Moon being with Neptune could give fleeting thoughts

Ra Si: but yet she’s motherly in nature – but she complains on that

SA: ooh so Venus being the dispositor of Mars aspecting this Moon has done it, I was hoping it did not

Ra Si: it’s not an issue; we can get along well most of times

SA: that’s nice, we must be thankful to God for the good things he has given. Well my job is done, your Asc is Cancer in D-60 there is no doubt about it

Ra Si: do you see curse in 12th house? And I didn’t know it was possible to see such things on D-60

SA: D-60 is the chart of past, present and future

Ra Si: it’s great sir

SA: what was not possible to see in D-60?

Ra Si: I thought it was related to previous birth (AL) and the embodiment of all life you passed through (Lagna itself) but I didn’t know it would have such weightage in prediction as you showed

SA: the above statement is difficult for me to comprehend as it sounds a lot of theorization if you don’t mind me saying

SA: K. N. Rao has done phenomenal work on D-60 some decades back when no one was even looking at D-60. Full life predictions can be done via D-60 dear R

Ra Si: that’s very nice to know, will keep that in mind

Ra Si: sir, mind asking you

SA: your 30th year would be a very important year

Ra Si: related to spirituality?

SA: 30, 31, 32, 33. Lot of changes, lots and lots in all areas

Ra Si: maybe I’ll have a kid by then? I think a kid would trigger many changes

SA: yup a kid does. You wrote mind asking you ? What did u want to ask? Please ask as I will have to take your leave in few minutes

Ra Si: do u see if I have any chances of learning more on Jyotish? And if my previous assumption that I studied it in previous life is correct

SA: an advice I give to everyone when they ask this question is not to do more Jyotish – its not good for everyone except a select few and householders should generally avoid is my honest advice

Ra Si: ic

SA: the problem is your D-60 shouts loud on spirituality and occult so I can’t stop u (nor do we try to change Karma): 9L in 12H with Sun and Saturn; in D1 u see 11th lord of Jyotish in the 9H

Ra Si: do u think if I further on it I could leave my family or something like that?

SA: please do not ask that

Ra Si: ok

Ra Si: yes, depending on the answer

SA: I wish you well but do not worry about if you did Jyotish in previous life from D-60 – it’s not easy to see that from Rasi or D-60, all else is theorization and many of us on the internet forums have wasted years and more than a decade on such theorizations; wouldn’t want you to waste yours

Ra Si: I see, your very responsible sir

Ra Si: sir, I’m completely into Jyotish anyway

SA: if I am permitted to give any good advice

Ra Si: and about past lives, my only objective is to know them so I can get rid of them and be forever in the present; Jyotish is a mean to achieve that I think

SA: actually Jyotish is a means to learn about one’s pending karma so that we execute it in this life and move on in our soul cycle. Predictions about future was only a tool to attract the common man to learn about his pending karma. Unfortunately it has now become a tool to make a person addictive towards the astrologer and obsessive to know about the future (today we do not find astrologers who kick out regular clients, the astrologer who does and is not making you addictive towards astrology is the real astrologer)

Ra Si: yes, that’s not what I seek, I just want to be in peace and to that I need to learn about myself – and my pending karma – rather my Self

SA: one of the Bhrighu’s methods of finding One of the major pending karmas is by observing the 6H and its lord

Ra Si: on rashi?

SA: see it in the D-1 and D-60, observe it and mull over it for some time and you yourself will be able to decipher it

Ra Si: thanks a lot sir

SA: now I must take your leave, I rarely come on chat or on forums but I somehow managed to see only one mail which was yours and I am pleased to having seen it. Wishing you all the best. You have 3 retro planets so take it easy in life R

Ra Si: I think it’s a great niimita that we met sir – what about the 3 retro planets sir?

SA: that is kind of you to say that and I wish I had more time and knowledge to give you more predictions via D-60 without using transits or dasas which is what I do. I should not be saying this but when 3 retro planets are there, there are many many indications one of them is a tough life or a superb successful life, Venus in your 5H in D-60, you would have suffered a bit in love

Ra Si: I did, learned a lot from it

SA: something to do with love would have happened in the 16th year of your life or the 17th year of your life

Ra Si: exactly sir, 16 and 17 were major years in love matters

SA: I am sorry you went through that but all of us need to go through that

Ra Si: yes…

SA: see your D-60 lagna is no doubt correct. I hope you did not spend money trying to figure out which is your D-60 lagna or trying to correct your birth time

Ra Si: nope, not at all

SA: good good. Unfortunately everyone I meet lands up spending some 200-500 dollars trying to rectify their birth chart and I feel so bad hence I felt I should help you before you land up spending that kind of amount

Ra Si: I don’t even have this kind of money with me atm

SA: Saturn aspects your 2nd house so be careful of negative events you predict, they can come correct

Ra Si: but I felt I’d be able to do that on my own sooner or later

SA: good

Ra Si: ok sir

SA: Jupiter is in the 12H and it will implement itself in the 10H of career, so be careful that you don’t do too much Jyotish or it will spoil your career – or too much spirituality

Ra Si: it might happen indeed

SA: I rarely advise anyone to become an astrologer due to what I see happening in the name of astrology – that’s a non Jyotish advice I give and then I discourage people who are about to get fooled by the astrology of curses

Ra Si: lol

SA: there is no such thing as strong as curse, for curses there are different combinations, what you see if a benefic is aspected or in association with 2 malefics is just pending karma regarding it

Ra Si: ic ic

SA: struggles very hard due to malefics that’s about it. But then it’s easier to fool foreigners with jargons like curses and they feel so strong about it, but its unfair to play with someone’s feelings and emotions. Anyways this is not the intention of this discussion and not needed so I must take your leave

Ra Si: ok sir

SA: May the Force be with you

Ra Si: I appreciate your concerns

SA: you are most welcome

Ra Si: and also what you said.  May the force be with you too

SA: thanks

Ra Si: have a nice time sir

SA: you too – bye for now

Ra Si: bye

[1] The method by which 25th year was arrived at was seeing Sun in the 12H, what we remember vaguely is one BSP method not yet written which was where Sun sits, it implements itself in the 25 th year. While editing this article we tried to locate it from our notes but could not find it.

[2] 25th year lord as per BCP would be the 1H whose Lord is Moon, the sentence is erroneous by us in the chat as Asc Lord is in the 11H and not in the 5H. – SA Editor

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