Secrets of Shastiamsa – 1

Thy Experiments Towards Truth

Secrets of Shastiamsa – 1

Kaala’s Movement (as written in 2006)


Saptarishis Astrology

Copy editor: Andree Leclerc

Part I

Exploring Kala’s Movement in Shastiamsa (D60)

There are many methods to use Shani’s Transit & Aspect of Shani has been used in most novel manners in Nadi Granthas like Bhrigu Nadi & Deva Kerelam (Chandra Kala Nadi) which are different from the traditional 3,7,10 aspect.

Legendary late astrologer Shri C.S. Patel has shown Nadi methods of Shani’s transit aspects in many unique manners, one among them being Saturn aspecting 6, 8, 12 & 3rd houses from its transit position. We shall limit ourselves to only 3, 7, 10 in this article.

Our write up deals with Shani & will try to achieve few things:

a)           To Remove ‘subtly’ the misconception that Shani is always bad

b)          Shani is also called as ‘Kaala’ or TIME as it is he who discharges Karma, good or bad. We as astrologers deal with Time so the movement of Shani for us is most important to watch. As the famous ‘Saharampur’ Pandit known for his secret Bhrigu Techniques once said, nothing moves in anyone’s life without Shani & Jup both coming into play – please note it can be a good or bad event.

c)           Judging if Sadesati is good or bad is tough for even experienced astrologers & many known methods fail – and some experienced astrologers have observed that for 2 people born with same Natal Chart within a gap of 40-50 minutes of each other – one of them experiences Sadesati & other does not. This leads us to the final divisional chart of D60 where Moon changes sign in approximately 50 minutes.

D60 or Shastiamsa, as it is called, is tough to see due to inaccurate birth times because it changes lagna every 2 minutes although most planets do not change signs in D60 for many hours.

The subsequent question gotten is: Should we use Divisional Transits? Have our ancient books sanctioned it? 99% of astrologers spend lifetimes arguing that it has not been mentioned, whereas some ‘Just Do It’ (that is just use it).

Divisional Transits

We came across a verse in Chandrakala Nadi Part 1 P.314, verse 3124 (below is translation by Shri C.S. Patel).

Verse 3124: When Saturn transits Chandra Navamsa Rasi (Rasi represented in the natal chart by the Moon’s occupied Navamsa Rasi) or the sign occupied by the Moon (in Natal Chart), the native suffers from enemies, mental anguish & humiliation from secret blemish.

Note 3 words: 1) Enemies 2) Mental Anguish 3) Humiliation from Secret Blemish

Verse 2044/45: When Saturn transits the 8th from Chandra Navamsa Rasi, the native will suffer great calamity during Rahu’s period and will have termination of some running favorable yogaphala or yogabhanga results.

Verse 2385 talks about bad results for Saturn’s transit in the 7th from Chandra Navamsa Rasi

Conclusion From Above Verses

1)      Ancient texts sanction the use of Divisional Transits that can be strongly accepted or loosely accepted

2)     Or Ancient Texts like Chandra Kala Nadi are asking us to super impose the Divisional Chart position on the natal chart and check transits on it.

3)     The interesting part for those who use Navamsa only for Marriage Matters is they can see that the verses do not talk about anything to do with Marriage

Chandra Navamsa Rasi cannot be ignored but, while reading the above, it struck us to integrate the same in our vast Shastiamsa (D60) researches that we have been carrying out for some time ‘even with inaccurate birth times of 20-25 mins’.


The moon sign in Shastiamsa (D60) is to be referred to as ‘Chandra Shastiamsa Rasi’ & it is significant to note that the Moon doesn’t change sign in D60 for a period of approximately 50 minutes.

The Usual Suspects:

v  When it comes to the D60 chart, most ignore it using the excuse of the birth time not always being accurate hence, most astrologers do not even go beyond D10 & the mental block continues for lifetimes.

v  Of late, D60 has became popular to see for Past (Previous) Life Karma[1]

v BPHS (Chp 7, shlokas 1-8) gives clear instructions on the exact usage of D60; to limit its usage to see the previous life of a native is limiting the astrology of Parasara. Sage uses the word षष्टायंशेऽखिलमीक्षयेत्।- everything is indicated for D45 and D60

Methodology in this Write Up

v  Ignore the Lagna of D60 (for now) & just note down the sign position of Moon in D60 (Shastiamsa)

v  See Sign of Tr (Transit) Sat in Rasi (natal) & superimpose it on D60 vis-à-vis Shastiamsa Moon

v  Sat in houses 12, 1, 2 from Moon, or 4th & 8th from Moon is considered bad (though not always) but can also given spectacular rise as Shani is ‘Time Personified’

v  Divisional SAV & BAV of Moon – Sat is important to map any transits but it can only be depended at the rate of 75% & is not the end all

v  Note this statement from an old astrologer ‘Saturn is a Old Courier Man who carries the letters (containing past karmas – good or bad) & where he stations (houses) he drops those letters

v  D60 lagna changes every 2 minutes approximately & that’s one of the reasons its value is highest – while at the same time being a big deterrent for even seasoned astrologers to use it. But, we will see that even without the correct Asc, we can get some clues with Sat Tr in respect to D60 Moon to interpret results profitably.

Note: (those who do not believe in Ascendant of a divisional chart or authenticity of exact time can ignore the house explanations)

Let us study some charts to see if during these transits the natives went through bad times or good times.

Example 1: Tony Blair (Rodden’s Rating AA)

Event 1:  19th Oct 2003 – heart problems

v  On Oct 2003, Sat was in Gemini. Sat was in the 6th from Moon (Chandra Shastiamsa Rasi) indicating health issues

v  Now superimpose this in D60 chart where Tr Sat comes into the 3H and looks at the 5H of heart & Leo (heart) sign also & directly at the 5L Sun himself

v  It was noted as some minor problem though other doctors said it was serious

v  Tr Jup in 5H of heart & aspecting the natal D60 Sun as 5L saved him.

v  Lastly, Tr Sat in D60 SAV has 29 bindus

Event 2: 1st May 1997 elected British PM

v  Tr Saturn is in Pisces, 3rd from Chandra Shastiamsa Rasi

v  Tr Jup is in his 10H of career right on his D60 Moon sign & Sat aspects the 2H of Administration & 5L Sun is in the 9H of Kingdom

v  Tr Sat has 33 bindus in D60 SAV, in Moon BAV 3 points and in Sat BAV of D60, it is transiting over 6 bindus which is very high. Sat shows masses.

Event 3: 2005-2006 – Problems & disloyalty

v  Tr Sat in Cancer, 7th from Moon, is in the 4H of parliamentary career so 4H (homeland) matters will shake (London train bomb episode) & so will his parliamentary career (4H)

v  Tr Sat also aspecting LL (self) & 8L of downfall, Mars, & 4 L Moon. Most importantly, Tr Sat occurs on D60 natal Sat – time for major changes in career.

v  D60 SAV 28 (average) with zero shodita points, Moon D60 BAV 4 bindus & Sat BAV only 3 – three points will show unpopularity with the Masses (for Sat)

Event 4: Nov 06 onwards

v  Tr Sat is in Leo, 8th from his Moon, causing Astham Sani & in 5H of power/seat which will also be effected since there is GL (Power, Fame, etc.) causing defame thereby effecting all these significations and resulting in loss of it to a certain extent, showing problems with the Law/Govt of a country as it is in sign Leo (Govt) and in trine to Sun the 5L.

v  D60 SAV is only 28, Moon BAV 3 & Sat BAV only 2 (very little contact with the masses)

Example 2: Prince Charles

As the aim of this article is not to establish the correctness of the D60 Lagna & due to shortage of space, we shall look at only one chart as an example showing How to See a D60 Chart’ in its entirety (though not detailed here).

D60 Short Analysis of Prince Charles

a)     Lagna is occupied by 4L Ven (female) so the self will be dominated by the Mother & the native will love women (numerous affairs). With LL (self) with 5L (interests) in 12H of charity, he could be involved with lot of charity.

b) 5L of education Mars in the 12H of abroad would mean some education abroad (he did 2 terms in Australia)

c) 6L of accidents Jup is debilitated in the 7H in sign Cap (the 10H of Kaalapurusha signifying knees) so problem with knees can be seen with aspect of Mars (knife/speed) – and in 1998, he underwent surgery (Mars) to repair knee cartilage. Mars aspecting the 6H will give accidents while doing speeding activities – in 2001 he fell from horse and broke a bone.

d) 7L in 2H (8th from it) with Sun – see that Sat & Sun do not get along so, won’t get along in marriage & it would break. Merc in the 7H would create frigidity in marriage & extra marital affairs (Mer) and both Diana and Charles confessed to this.

e) Rahu in the 9H will give lots of foreign travel & an attraction to foreign religions or support of them (he favors Dalai Lamas struggle)

f) Love (5L) in the 12H uniting with self (LL) Moon will indicate many things like love in one’s life will come from a previous life with a very deep pending karma attached to it or that his real love will manifest after someone’s death (12H is house of exit) and only after Diana (5L) died they could unite —

g) 7L Sat is in the 2H with Sun, so one person in the family is a Miser and/or the family is a fallen family from position; the native’s 1st wife won’t get along with a family member or it could even be 2nd wife (8th from 7th – some take 11H for 2nd marriage too) who won’t get along with Mother (11th from 4H and 2nd from 4L).

One can go on and on but someone’s personal tragedies are only a case study for astrologers.  The Chart with Cancer D60 Lagna sounds so far correct.

Event 1: Wikipedia says: By 1992, it was obvious that the marriage (with Diana) was over in all but name…

v  Tr Sat is in Cp, 8th from D60 Moon in the 7H of marriage

v  Tr Sat in the 7H of marriage creating separation (Sat is separative) between partners & as it is happening in the 7H of public platform, it means public will know it

v  D60 SAV is 20 (very low) & Shodita SAV doesn’t support it with only Zero points; and  with Sat BAV being only 1 point, this was not popular with the masses (Sat)

Event 2: 28th Aug 1996 divorce with Diana

We need to stress again that Sat in 10th from Moon or aspecting 10H from Moon is indicative of MAJOR events

v  Tr Sat ® in Pisces, 10th from Moon indicates significant events

v  When Sat will retrograde, it will look reverse (ref. Bipin Behari) at his 7H with his 3rd aspect and there sits Jup (DK) – Sat is separative

v  Tr Sat in 9H of institution/religious things like marriage – Sat in 9H would break the Institution that was bonded by religious ceremonious thread

v  Bhrigu Method is to see a planet’s effects from the previous house Too if a planet is retrograde

v  Tr Sat in 8H will aspect the 7H of marriage & 8H of scandals/bad name – what stars earlier promised is full filled now

v  Sat Retro seen from the 8H would break the marriage, as it causes Sadesati to 7H & 8H which shows sustenance of marriage; D60 SAV of 8H has 21 bindus only whereas the 9H has 30 bindus

Event 3: 9th Apr 2005 marriage with Camilla Parker

v  Tr Sat in Ge, 1st from Moon & in 12H of D60 – should this be treated like a usual bad transit or a delivery of Karma on self (LL)

v  In 12H, Tr Sat (7L) & Jup bless 9H of union. Tr Sat (Kaala- Time) unites/activates self (Moon LL) & Love (Mars 5L). The whole drama being played in the 12H would show undue delay or changes even the last minutes before marriage or someone’s death (12H or 8H if involved) – the Pope’s death delayed by few days & Diana’s death delayed by few years the supposedly Twin Flames from uniting.

v  D60 SAV has strong 33 bindus & Shodita has 12 which is very strong supporting the event; in BAV of Sat it has 5 bindus, again very strong.

Example 3: Top Post in Media

This native held a topmost post in one of the biggest media houses in India. In such positions, has to do less work & engaging more in corporate games. Unfortunately & once our luck runs out, Lord Shani becomes free to strike.

Event: In Sept 2001, the native was shown the pink slip and till date has not risen to the glorious influential position he once commanded.

v  Tr Sat in Sept 01 in Ta, 7th from Moon (D60) who is 8L in D60 & debilitated

v  Tr Sat is in the 6H of service & Sat is 3L of change of service (6th from 10H); it is also on 6L Ven (native is in the TV field). Sat activated the 8H of downfall, 12H of abroad & 3H of change of job cum travel

v  Native resigned on his own (corporate form of pink slip) & shifted abroad with family immediately

v  D60 Sat with 26 SAV & zero Shodita, SAV added to it but didn’t cause major upheaval by maintaining dignity (BAV of Sat has 5 bindus)

Example 4: Divorce – March 05

v  Mars 2L of family in D1 is in Mrityubhaga. Meanwhile, in D60, Jup 2L of family is debilitated in the house of loss – both charts indicate some loss of family (not touching D9 due to want of space)

v  7H has Gulika & Mandi, poison will flow out of it giving tensions; D60 Pramaana Gulika dispositor is Saturn (note this in mind); 7L is Sun is debilitated in the 9H of institution (religious ceremonies of life) & Blessings of Gods aspected by debilitated Sat (with UL) from 3H of free will or own act happening in the 6/12 axis from AL indicating the nature of the event.

v  Do not forget Sc Rahu with debilitated Moon in 10h of sukha of marriage.

v  He says ‘ I seeked advice from top astrologers who said divorce wouldn’t happen’, scribe wonders if they saw D60 of the native too. Recently on famous internet lists, top astrologers are rectifying his chart by changing his birth time which, according to scribe’s humble opinion, is not needed at all if we follow what Parasara said on how to see D60. But since only 1 event of the native’s life is known, it is tough to rectify D60 – especially chart rectification shouldn’t be started with marriage as it would be most disastrous.

v  Now see Tr in Mar 05, Sat ® was in Ge in 8th from Moon causing Ashtam Sani & in 5H of D60 causing separation in romance of marriage, plus aspecting the 2H of family & 7H of marriage

v  Sat is separative & if Bhrigu’s Method is used, then Tr Sat being Retro would be in the 4H  of happiness aspecting the 6H of separation or legal divorce

v  D60 SAV of the 5H has 31 points ‘BUT’ in the previous house, 4H SAV is poorest at only 25 bindus – explaining why Bhrigu Nadi method cannot be ignored.

Example 5: Sonia Gandhi

Very Short D60 Analysis

The reason this chart is explained here is that months were spent on internet lists discussing the correct time of Sonia Gandhi’s birth.

v  7L Moon in Cp with Sat, husband could be connected to the masses (Sat Moon) & in 2H Mars, the bomb, is sitting in an enemy’s house and aspected by Rahu (terrorist) from the 6H while 12L Jup aspects from the 8H of Sudden End who is also 3L of short travel – Rajiv was campaigning then.

v  10h is the mother-in-law (Indira) & Ven is in Malavaya Yoga with AL (mother-in-law should be a famous person) aspected by Rahu, known for her fighting spirit.

v  5L of romance in Mahapurusha yoga in Kendra to self (Sat) & 7L Moon shows their (Rajiv-Sonia) Soul Mate Love for each other as reported by the press.

v  9H is the house of younger brother of husband (3rd from 7H); the sign is Virgo aspected by maraka Mars, Virgo’s lord is Mer in a Venusian sign (the hint is clear as to who he was) aspected by Sun (Sanjay Gandhi was known for his firebrand nature). 8th from Mer (lord for younger brother) will show his death – there exalted Ketu sits in the 12H of exit in the sign of Sagittarius, a fiery sign : the plane crashed and went up in smoke.

Event 1: Mother in law, Indira Gandhi’s Death on 31st Oct 1984

v  Tr Sat in Libra, 10th from the Moon indicates Dramatic Change Time

v  Tr Sat (maraka lord) in 10H of mother-in-law & on Ven the 10L

v  D60 SAV is 27 (low), Moon & Sat BAV in D60 are only 2 for both – that’s very bad

v  Observe Tr Sat with Tr Sun & Tr Mer – see the lordships of Sun & Mer from lagna & also from the 10H of mother-in-law – and the picture is clearer

v  Tr Rahu in the 8th from the 10H shows that there is something Sudden (Rahu) & Terrorist (Rahu) awaiting the mother-in-law. Rahu is a maraka co-lord too.

Event 2: Rajiv Gandhi Assassinated on 21st May 1991

v  Tr Sat® in Cp on natal Chandra Shastiamsa Rasi & also 7L Moon

v  Tr Sat ® (maraka lord) in 1H aspecting the 7H of husband & on the 7L Moon (he was known as the soft one) & Hara (end) lord Mars (11L) in the 7H with 12L of exit Jup by Tr. Something surely has to happen to the husband or their marriage or the children as Tr Sat ® aspect on the 10H where the 5L is posited shows that children would be affected badly

v  At the end, husband and marriage both were over & the children were obviously effected

v  One can see the position of Tr Rahu from the 7H of husband to know who the culprit was

v  SAV is only 27 in D60 & Shodita has dropped drastically to Zero

Event 3: 18th May 2004 declined from becoming Prime Minister

v  Tr Sat is in Ge in the 6H of D60 chart, 3rd from Moon – both good places by Tr i.e. from Moon & Lagna for Saturn

v  D60 SAV is 33 (very high) in 6H indicating the defeat of enemies possibility, BAV of D60 Moon is a whopping 7 & Sat BAV is 6, the masses were with her

v  When she declined to be PM, her supporters tried committing suicide – her victory was a slap to the opposition party BJP & was incomprehensible

Event 4: 2005-2006 had to resign from Parliament, continuous Mud Slinging on her & Revenge Time

v  Tr Sat in Cancer, the 7th from Shastiamsa Chandra Rasi & also the 7H of relations spoiled her relations with some loyalists & frontal attacks by Opposition

v  Accusations were hurled at her, post of profit issues – she resigned and won the elections again

v  One of the toughest times for native one could say, with poor performance of her Govt & Chief Ministers

Example 6: Amitabh Bachchan, Most Famous Man of the Millennium – BBC Polls

Event 1: Fatal Accident in Film shooting that moved millions to pray for him as he was fighting death – July 1982

v  Tr Sat with Tr 12L Mars in Virgo – in the 4th from D60 Moon causes Ardha Shani in the 5H of fame while also aspecting the 6L of accidents Ven & LL (self)

v  Tr Sat & Mars both aspect the 11H (Hara – 6th from 6th of accidents) & natal Mars placed in the maraka 2H along with Karma of accidents, 3L Moon

v  Please note Mars Tr in 4H from Moon results in stomach problems (Phaladeepika Chapter 26) & he was HIT IN THE STOMACH damaging internal organs there

v  D60 SAV has 21 points in Vi where Tr Sat & Mars are and also Mars BAV of D60 has only 1 point. Indeed a time to fight for life.

The usual mistake by astro enthusiasts is that whenever we read a method in articles, we apply it as the SOLE criteria, whereas the particular author might be trying to demonstrate the method in a way to make stand out the principles he is trying to explain. Another factor is to apply the above method to it’s fullest; other factors of D60 have to be taken into account which deserve much wider space, for transits cannot be above dasas. Even if one’s D60 lagna is not accurate, we can apply this profitably by only seeing its position from the D60 Moon (without using SAV) and see some meaning to it – and it becomes one More Tool in our arsenal of Tools that we’ll refine with continuous usage of it.

As one old Master once said to scribe ‘Complex methods are just a state of the mind, an innocent (Jup) student of this science will understand it easily & profitably, whereas an advanced biased student might never’ is what this scribe ends this paper with as yet, I have to understand what he said in its entirety. His parting words were ‘U have been given the highest Key for learning astrology in that statement Beta (son).

The credit of inspiring scribe to learn about D60 goes to 3 lines from Shri K.N. Rao in an email reply dated Oct 04, we worked on it and established more than 20 techniques of D60.

[1] Previous life cum Future life of native can be clearly seen in D1 if one knows how to see it & the exact detailed methodology is lost or many techniques exist with the astrological community divided over it.

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