Memoirs Of Shri Swamiji


B.L. Parmar, India

Assistant Writer: Andree Leclerc, Canada

Baroda Astrology Club, a place where  lovers and believers of astrology can get together and share an infinity of astrological  interests,  was  founded   by our late Shri Swamiji, one of the most renowned astrologers of Mumbai many years ago already.

Since Saptarishis Astrology offers a space for sharing and enjoying remembrances of great ones from bygone times, I take this opportunity to share some incidents about our Shri Swamiji, a man who never swerved from his love and strong faith in Jyotish in spite of any circumstances or apparent difficulties.

When I first met him, he had already lost his eyesight due to cataract problems.  Because of this, Swamiji was unable to read but, rest assured that this great inconvenience was largely compensated by his stunning memory that seemed at times overwhelmingly powerful – thus, Astrology’s complicated rules were child’s play for him and he could very easily extract the immediate concerns and pertinent information that his clients were seeking, something that many of us, seeing astrologers, still aspire for after years of dedicated study.

As a young astrologer, Shri Swamiji’s main occupation was to cater his professional services to some actors and wealthy people. His skills were widely acknowledged and this brought him much fame as well as very decent income.

His skills and fame were eventually acknowledged by Bhavnagar Astrology Club from Bombay who publicly honoured him in a function where he was offered a shield and costly shawl, an old Indian custom still followed to this day in many such occasions.  Respects and recognition were also offered to our Shri Swamiji from Nadiad Astrology Club, another Mumbai organization.  Thus, his fame spread widely in Mumbai, in the whole of Gujarat, as well as many more places in India.

Let me now open a window through which you can view some examples of his interactions and personal conversations with some of his clients.

Swamiji did not require any amount of details from a consultant to be of help.  If any kundli without a name or address was presented to him, this was no impediment to his providing the right answer.  Following the advent of his blindness, someone needed to read the kundli loudly for him and he would instantly grasp the essence of it and advise accordingly.

Once up on a time, one person asked Swamiji about the kundli of a lady, inquiring to know one important thing applicable for her life.  Several astrologers had already supplied a variety of answers to this query but none of these proved complete and/or sufficiently significant and worthy to be qualified as being of definite importance.

At last, when Swamiji was consulted he said that “This woman will get richer due to marriage or after marriage.”  In the events that unfolded, it so happened that this lady got happily married to a rich man but later became a widow – this is when she inherited the commendable wealth of her deceased husband.  This was her first husband.  Subsequently, she did remarry to another wealthy man and, unbelievably, the same pattern of events repeated where she became a widow again, and inherited again… repeating this same scenario twice in her life.  This prediction was indeed remarkable!

One day when Swamiji was available for readings at the Club, a well-known astrologer came along with his wife for consultation. This astrologer was a highly qualified person.  He therefore showed his kundli to Swamiji…

Upon seeing this kundli, Swamiji declared something that seemed very strange and improbable to all of us present; he said “your wife will leave you suddenly in your life!”

After some time elapsed, to his great dismay despite the forewarning, that person’s wife left him and went away with a person of questionable standing.  Swamiji’s prophecy proved right again!

On another occasion, one of his friends tested Swamiji by asking him to predict about his own life – this happened around 1960 when Swamiji was about 38 years.  Swamiji answered “What good will it do you once you know my future?  I am not going to become a millionaire or billionaire” – which he did not become despite his already firmly established fame.  Actually, when Swamiji later lost his eyesight, he spent his life in social work wanting to help and benefit as many people as he could.

In a similar manner, with the intention of testing his knowledge, one person showed a photo print of someone’s hand. This was when Swamiji still had the use of his eyesight.

The questioner asked about the wealth of this printed hand’s owner, to which query Swamiji answered that the person concerned was suffering from an incurable disease. And this proved to be an amazingly true statement.

Swamiji was born on March 11th 1922 and passed away on July 23rd 1995.  All of us who had the chance to know him and interact with him consider ourselves blessed by this man’s true humility and detachment.

The life of Swamiji has inspired the rest of us, members of his Baroda Astrology Club, in a manner of benefiting our fellow human beings by giving free service and teaching of astrology at “Sharda Mandir School, Salatwada” every Sunday.  This we are pledged to accomplish in the kind memory of his love for us and for everyone he met.

Some Points in Prediction given by Swamiji:

1.       Every Planet has some special aspect on the fourth house from its placement. It gives/ affects the results of the fourth house from where it is deposited. E.g. Saturn in 10th affects the results of first house.

2.       Consider the midpoint of Rahu and the planet in consideration say A. Transit of any planet from this midpoint gives the results pertaining to planet A.
[This seems expansion of Bhrigu Bindu of C. S. Patel Saheb]

3.       The Moon is focal point of person’s life. Whole story of a person can be said from Moon; Also the 7th house from the Moon affects the major trends of life. Thus it can be said, the world of a man is described by Moon and seventh house from it.

4.      Note down the 6th house from the Venus in Rasi Chart. The matters connected or signified by this house, become person’s unchangeable and important bindings. The reasons remain unknown but the person experiences the results due to previous birth histories. E.g. if Venus is situated in 3th house, 6th house from it is 8th house. The matters related to 8th house like legacy, family and finance of spouse, accidents etc. cause some harsh events.

5.       If Neptune is situated in 7th house, or with Venus, or with 7th Lord, then accidental happenings related to Marriage life of a person is experienced.

6. If Moon and Neptune are in conjunction in Rasi chart, the revelation or visualization of a person is quite strong. The predictions by him can not be challenged even though it may be given based on wrong data/calculation or information!

7. In which house Ketu sits he creates ‘instability’ & gives ‘irregular’ results. For e.g. Ketu in 7H and one is doing business then it will not remain a stable business, if in 2nd house then family becomes destabilize or instability in family (ref Obama’s chart).

[This article has taken a lot of time to formulate and create due to various restrictions. Let us tell a story about Swamiji which we heard from Ashok Upadhaya one of his other students. Once upon a time a man came to Swamiji enquiring where his passport is, it has been lost and the very next day he has to fly abroad. Swamiji did his calculations via prashna and pointed out to a particular Wardrobe and said it is below his wife’s saree (dress) on the 4th drawer. The man said he has already checked their upon which Swamiji coolly replied to go and check again, the man argued that at that very spot he has checked more than 25-35 times and he was being a bit rude to Swamiji. This got Swamiji angry and he said rudely ‘You idiot (Gadhelo) you can come so far to see me, pay my fees but can’t you check once again at that very same spot. If you have checked it for 35 times why can’t you check it the 36th time will you lose some money’. The man went back home angry with Swamiji but when he checked he found it exactly on the same drawer in the wardrobe and exactly stuck beneath his wife’s saree. He came back and apologised to Swamiji’s.

Swamiji was also very eccentric and erratic. A legendary fight had taken place between Swamiji and Late Shri C J Krishnaswamy, the great astrologer from Mumbai who had even challenged Shri B V Raman and whose fees was the one of the highest in those times in India. When Swamiji learnt that Krishnaswamy was practising in the Taj and had put his board as Shri Shri Krishnaswamy, wanting to put him down Swamiji put up shop opposite the practice of Krishnaswamy and put board with name plate as Shri Shri Shri Swamiji (3 times Shri). In future issues we would bring out some pearls from Krishnaswamy whose explanation of friendship/enemity of planets till date remains unparalleled. Lack of volunteers who can type it out remains the reason for the delay.  – Publisher, Saptarishis Astrology]

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